Services and Rates

I am available for a variety of editing, writing, fact-checking and consulting services. I charge a fee per project, but expect to pay a rate of $25-$40 per hour of my time, based on variables such as the project’s difficulty, how busy I am, and how tight your deadline is.

I am an autodidact and, although not quite a polymath, have fair amount of knowledge across a wide range of subjects. I’m not afraid of graphs, tables, or equations. If it’s not graduate level math I can probably be of some help. Unless it’s chemistry. I’m hopeless with chemistry.

Some examples of projects I’ve taken on in the past:

  • Editing Master’s Theses
  • Fact-checking and editing a business report on the retina and iris scanning market, among others
  • Crafting an emergency academic withdrawal appeal
  • Writing and editing a variety of event programs and press releases
  • Fiction editing

I also have some experience writing and editing grant proposals, but only for smaller, amateurish programs.

I offer a free sample edit. If you send me the first few pages of whatever document needs work, I’ll edit a few pages and so you’re not walking into this blindly.

References are available upon request.

You can contact me using the form below, or e-mail me directly at


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