This blog is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

I turned twenty-seven in March. I’d written two novels, a novella, a half-dozen short stories, and had nothing to show for it but a pile of rejection letters from MFA programs, agents, and magazines.

I’d been following Hugh Howey with some interest since late 2012, when WOOL was in the process of being acquired and published by Simon and Schuster. When he published his Author’s Earnings report, in February, 2014, I decided I would give self-publishing the old college try. One story a month, for twelve months, until I turn twenty-eight. Then I’ll do it again.

My Amazon Author Page can be found here.

I also helped run logistics and finance for Occupy Atlanta, back when that movement needed people to oversee those things.

0FemininEnergy0 is an MPH (Master’s in Public Health) student at Georgia State and also my girlfriend for the foreseeable future. Her focus is on built environments planning and urban health policy. She is currently working on a project (with which I assist) focused on making the Atlanta Beltline more responsive to the needs of its neighborhood’s current residents (i.e., anti-gentrification).

You can contact (and follow) us on twitter: https://twitter.com/willstamped

If you don’t have twitter or can’t be bothered, we can also be reached via e-mail at willstamped@gmail.com.


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