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My Short Story, The Furies of Mars, Is Free on Amazon

Until Sunday, The Furies of Mars is free. It’s about an astronaut stranded alone on Mars, and while it isn’t post-apocalyptic per se, it does touch on similar themes and concerns. Go read it! And if you like it, please … Continue reading

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Further, Final Thoughts on Station Eleven and the Post-Apocalypse

This is the third in a series of posts. Here are parts one and two. Spoilers for Station Eleven abound after the jump. For The Stand and On The Beach as well. What makes post-apocalyptic fiction good? And what makes Station Eleven fail at being a good post-apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Station Eleven: A Literary Pedigree

Expanding on my short review of Emily Mandel’s Station Eleven, I’d like to talk about literary pedigree. My opinions are probably wrong, but ignorance has never stopped me from forming strong opinions. Which other works of fiction, in text or … Continue reading

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Book Review: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

I have always hated impressionistic book reviews that lack any quotations or really explain anything besides the reader’s feelings. When you read reviews like that you’re getting more insight into their psyche than the substance of the book. I feel … Continue reading

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