I Finished Another Draft of My Upcoming Novel, The Merchants of Zion

Previously, I’ve written about finishing a draft of my book. Two and a half months later it has been redrafted again. At 93,499 words it’s swelled considerably from 85,000, but this time it includes an actual ending and a series of interstitial chapters designed to flesh out the world in a way that’s difficult to do when writing from a first person perspective.

I’m happy with it, overall. I managed to keep the voice and sensibility of a person younger than myself while providing it with the characterization, prose, and plot befitting a proper novel. The science fiction is more science-y, and the oppressive atmosphere is a constant weight on our poor dystopian heroes.

Now the book is off in the hands of friends and erstwhile enemies. Once a set amount of time (about 6 weeks) passes, I’ll gather whatever feedback I’ve received and do another draft. Then I’ll do two more readthroughs for typos, grammatical errors, non-sequiturs and the like. Then it will be formatted and published, hopefully in early May.

I intend to use the downtime to write a novella slightly longer than A Key West Horror Story, about what I have several ideas but no definite decision except that, in contrast to The Merchants of Zion, it won’t infused with the painfully personal. Maybe another Dwarf Story, or one of several other horror stories I would like to write. Something where my hands can fly across the keyboard without a need to keep an eye on continuity and consistent characterization.

In any case, we will see what 2 hours a day, every day can produce in 6 weeks.


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