The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

How did I not know this podcast existed?

My reading has recently been tilted towards science fiction and other genre fiction (I read ASOIAF for the first time in the past year), as I’ve been trying to get back to my literary “roots.” I read Foundation, and Snow Crash, and Wizards of Earthsea, and every Vonnegut, and even the Star Wars Expanded Universe books when I was a teenager, and although I’ve read those books occasionally since then, I’ve never found my previous need to devour them all. But while listening to these guys I remember how it felt when a friend of mine gave me A Canticle for Leibowitz and told me it would change my life (it did).

But then I went to college, became an English major, and found that most of my fellow students didn’t care about those books, or Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft. I brought up Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep in a crit lit class and no one had a clue who Philip K. Dick was. And it’s hard to be excited about these kinds of things if no one you know cares. I have a fantasy reading significant other, which helps, but now I can listen to people who know what their stuff talk about Dune.

In one of Jonathan Franzen’s essays in How to Be Alone, he writes about how authors are part of a conversation and community that transcends time and life itself. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who have similar thoughts about literature as I do, even if I’m not (yet) part of that conversation.




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