Built Environments #22: Community Land Trusts

“Community Land Trust in a Nutshell” from WeeFlee Productions on Vimeo.

Community land trusts are equitable, sustainable, and community driven solutions to lack of affordable housing and a need for community development. The require collaboration between community members, the local governments, and funding sources (which can be community members, private organizations, or the local government, etc).

Main Features of CLTs:

  • not-for-profit
  • dual ownership
  • leased land
  • perpetual affordability and responsibility
  • community base
  • resident control
  • expansionist acquisition
  • flexible development

As of 2011 there are 242 community land trusts in the US. Those CLTs offer 10,000 housing units serving over 12,000 residents. 82% of those residents had incomes below 50% of area median, had 31% were non-white.

Steps to Creating A Community Land Trust

  1. Determine Rationale
  2. Determine Sponsorship
  3. Identify Beneficiaries
  4. Delineate Service Area
  5. Organize
  6. Develop and Improve Land
  7. Secure Funding




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